Original Music on Soundcloud

2013-05-31 19:59:19 by footstorm

I am pretty reluctant to post original works up on the Newgrounds with copywrite and all. So i'll only be posting covers here.
(also i'll actually try to not neglect NG as much as i have)
Those of you interested in some original stuff by me can go to my SoundCloud page:

secret songs

2009-03-09 18:02:40 by footstorm

recently, i have not been posting my new songs on Newgrounds because their first priority is www.mediamuffin.com if a song is used by them, it will not appear here (at least for a while)
there are currently 3 songs not posted because of this so far.

(also i finally got a new cord that doesn't suck for transfering audio, so in a long run, this means more songs!

finially some new stuff!

2008-10-10 19:59:26 by footstorm

i finially got the equipment i need to start producing music again!!!
expect greatness

(actually i just posted 2 new songs before writing this)

may be a delay in submissions

2008-03-05 04:10:32 by footstorm

firstly, as i have just joined on the Audio Portal, it will take a few days to get all my songs up because of the 2 per day limit

as far as future development, i due to a change in materials and such, the current cord i am using to transfer from keyboard to computer is distorting the crap out of my samples, and i wont be able to make (or even) start anything new until it is replaced